The concept for this monocoque chair arose from the idea of using Woodstock®, a material normally employed in the automobile industry.
This substance consists of wood dust and polypropylene; it is employed here in a context that is completely different from its normal usage, and ennobled through the design.
The compound comes in extremely hard-wearing thermoformable sheets, which can be coupled with several kinds
of fabric during the moulding phase, thus giving rise to a great range of appearances.
The supporting structure of the chair, in painted steel, comes in seven different colour variants.
The customer creates the desired combination by matching the supporting base in the desired colour with any covering of the range.
The moulding technology applied to the “made to measure” version, creates creases and folds which make every piece different and unique.
Three new versions complete the eu/phoria chairs range: with castors, which offers a comfortable solution for the office, a rocking chair, for a swinging meditation, and
a lounge version , to furnish your area of relaxation.
For each of these new versions the structure is available in 4 colours, and can be freely matched with a large range of shell finishes and colours,
creating an enjoyable and very personal universe.
Base.height – 37cm
T. height – 70cm
Width – 68cm
Made in Italy