Frozen Bar/Display Family

A corner element that can be used alone or paired to create consoles or reception desks.

“Frozen Corner” is easy to move and impact-resistant.
It can have up to 5 shelves, a worktop and has 2 niches.
Matched with the linear element, “Frozen Corner” can be used to create bar counters or reception desks.

C2 White
N4 Golden Rust

Material: Polyethylene

This modular bar counter is available in two depths to provide a larger worktop where to place the coffee machine or other similar appliances.

The lower compartment can house cold storage units and built-in appliances.
The distinctive faceted surface “covers” the joints between the modules allowing for uniform and consistent combinations.
The “Frozen” counter is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is also available in the luminous version.
Equipped with a full range of bar accessories.

The sides of the display are well characterised by typical “Frozen” facets, showing off character, flexibility and a family feeling.
The display modules are surmountable on two levels and tileable.