Gumball Junior

Designed by Alberto Brogliato, Gumball Junior Family, is the collection dedicated to the children’s world, made up of armchair, sofa and low table.
All items are fully ergonomic and have no sharp edges, they welcome young heroes after long journeys dreamed of with open eyes, and act as an operational base for planning always-new adventures.

Material: Polyethylene

A2 Green
B3 Yellow
C1 Orange
C2 White
11 Blue
43 Emerald Green
74 Fuchsia

Special finishing
98 Neutral

Funny White
L7 White/Orange
N6 White/Blue
N7 White/Yellow
N8 White/Fuchsia
N9 White/Emerald Green
P0 White/Green

Industrial Black
P1 Black/Blue
P2 Black/Orange
P3 Black/Yellow
P4 Black/Fuchsia
P5 Black/Emerald Green
P6 Black/Green